Modigliani Self Portraits

We did self portraits inspired by Modligliani’s style of artwork that includes blank almond shaped eyes, long noses, long necks and a small mouth.   Amedeo Modigliani was a Italian painter who lived 1884-1920.He died at the young age of 34, and worked mostly in France.  He was a modern painter.

We used Oil Pastels to smudge and mimic Modigliani’s style.  We blended colours to show shading and colour differential on the faces as well as in the background.  Before we used the pastels, we sketched our ideas on to paper, and then outlined it with white glue.  When we let it dry, it made a beautiful texture that made a border around our drawing.  The oil pastels didn’t stick to the glue so the effect was to keep colours where they belonged.

Each piece is made of three panels.  In the middle is our self portraits.  On each side are pictures of our hobbies, interests, passions and likes.  We feel very good about this piece of artwork.  We are really proud of our work and we hope others share our feelings about the artwork.  Take the time to try it yourself!

Written by Batman 346 and Wolverine 10


  1. Laurie Lee

    Hi Div. 16!

    I sure liked seeing your portraits on the walls of your classroom and in this blog. I love the colours you used and the three panels you had to make

  2. Eli T

    I felt great about my self portrait when it was done. It was very cool because it is colourful. I loved the Modigliani style because it was very interesting!

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