Division 16 Hallowe’en Fundraiser

Our class is doing a Halloween Fundraiser because we want to collect enough cans to give to the food bank because we want to help the poor who can’t afford to buy food.

We have planned a number of stations that we hope are entertaining, fun and easy for people to do. 

Divisions 9 & 10, Division 7 & 8, Divisions 11, 12, 13 and 19 are coming. 

Here’s what you do at the stations:

Art – You can make gravestones  and make monsters. For monsters you have to cut out the shape you want for your monster and add whatever you want to it . We picked to this because its not that hard to make.

Scavenger Hunt – You have 15 minutes to find all 14 items on the list we give you.  All the items are around the school.

Story Telling – Which is in the library we read you different stories that are for different grade levels.

Drama –  We play charades. The limit is 10 people for the game.

I hoped you liked this and have a happy halloween!

By: Superman, Radiant, Starlight & HelloKitty Lover.


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