Recess and Lunch at Dickens


Our class is unlike other schools and classes letting anyone in to play, be creative and have fun at Recess and Lunch. When It’s raining or snowing our teacher allows us to stay inside. When its raining the gym is open to play games and sports activities and there’s also rainy day games in the multipurpose room. Our responsibility is to keep the classroom clean after we eat and play. When we invite other people to our class it is our responsibility to stay with them and tell them to clean after themselves and let them know the expectation. At recess and lunch we have Supervision Aides to take care of us and help us solve our problems. If we get hurt we can go to the office and talk to the Principal,Vice Principal or Secretary. At recess and lunch we never exclude anyone. Outside we play lots of games at the playground the field or the basketball court with lots of different people. One of the good things about public school is that we are not judging people by their gender no matter what. That’s why Charles Dickens Elementary is a good and friendly  community: We work together.

Written By:Alio32184, Twinkle7091, ILOVEFOOD and TeeHee


  1. Jody

    I love it that you wrote a post about this. I think it’s pretty special too. One of the things that is so great is how you all take such great care of the space, even when many guests from other classes are in the room. It makes me feel proud of our community, and of the values we share. Nice picture too!

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