Halloween Decorations

In the spirit of halloween, its time for some blog posts about halloween. Since its halloween, you can decorate places with the scariest things you want and not get  the title of  ”that one creepy guy in your neighborhood that nobody talks to at all” Also, free candy (You’re never to old to go trick or treating!)

As you might have seen for the title, this blog post is about our decorations for our classroom. If I say so myself, I think Division 16 did a great job of doing the decorations. We have paper bats on our windows with carved pumpkins around the room and the final touch being some ghastly cobwebs sagging around the class to complement the paper bats and pumpkins.

The first decoration we had are the paper bats. The bats were made of black paper, first we folded the paper in half and we drew half of the paper bats along the side with the crease. We then cut on the half outline. Since the paper was folded in half we had two halves connected to each other. After that we then taped them onto the windows

For a our second decorations, we had pumpkin carvings for our classroom. They were donated by supermarkets around our School for our class. Sadly, we had to remove them from the class room because the fruit flies thought they were a fantastic meal.

One of the last decorations are the spiderwebs around the classroom. We have them hanging from sides of tables, tops of doors and the over the whiteboard and our Teacher’s chair.

All of these decorations really add up to having one fantastic classroom filled with fantastic students (Especially me).



  1. Jody

    Your description of the classroom is fantastic. Not only does it capture the creepy all-encompassing Hallowe’enishness of our room right now, but it describes how it was a process, and that the path to hallowe’en decorations was a winding path. I love the amount of detail you include here and, as always, your descriptive language. It truly makes me look forward to next week when the Hallowe’en fun begins in earnest.

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