Writers festival field trip!

Hi guys! Bookexplorer125 here and I’m here to introduce you to… Darthdice! he will be blogging with me today and posting other blog posts as well. We are here to talk about the Writers festival, as we said we would last week! We have also posted pictures for you to see. We started off by walking to a bus stop by the S.P.C.A. Then we had to catch a bus but the first got filled up by us so we had to take two buses! It wasn’t much trouble getting us there but once we got there it started raining. Then we went shopping at the market and playing at the playground and ate our lunch. Then after about two hours it was time to get our tickets and find our seats. After a bit of time, everybody was in and the talk started. It was  with three authors,  Kenneth Oppel,(Author of Half Brother) Richard Scrimger and Arthur Slade and was overall very entertaining and inspiring. They talked about the books they had written and how they had become writers. Then we got previews of their latest books and got to ask questions about them and their books.  It was a talk that helped us focus on how we write and it made us reconsider the experience of being a writer.  There were a lot of interesting things but one of the things that stuck out for us was that you can be any age to write a book, even while you’re young.  Anything is possible, even when you’re a kid!   After that we caught a bus and went back to school. it was a very fun day overall and we all enjoyed it.

Here is a link to the workshop we attended  http://www.writersfest.bc.ca/2012festival/event/35-stars-aligned

Thanks for reading!

-Bookexplorer125 and Darthdice


  1. Jody

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the field trip. It’s always hard to tell whether the journey or the destination was the best part. I agree with what you said – the authors at the Writer’s Festival were inspiring and reminded me that we all write, and that the different perspectives we bring are all interesting in different ways. It makes me even more excited to read all of your Harris Burdick stories!

  2. Tatiana

    Thank you for such detailed and informative posting about the festival. I was looking forward to it, but had to miss it because I was sick. I can only imagine how inspiring it is for the writers themselves to hear from the very people they write to: kids and youth… Nice pictures as well.

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