Questions from Wolverine 10 on “Half Brother”

Please leave your answer for these questions by commenting below.  Make sure to explain your point of view!


1. Should it be illegal to take a baby animal from its family even for experiments that help humans?

2. How do you think Richard (the Dad) could claim Zan as a son, but still use him for experiments?


-Wolverine 10


  1. cheriee

    These are really great questions! I am not sure about the answer to the first one. I think it depends on the kind of animal, and what exactly the benefits to humans would be. It is complicated – I have been reading a lot of brain science research and unfortunately, much of what we know is predicated on research done on primates.
    With regards to number 2, I don’t think it is possible. Even though I sometimes think parenting is a huge experiment, I don’t think we actually see our children as experiments. Richard is only fooling himself if he thinks otherwise.

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