Every Wednesday we have outputs. There are lots of activities. We do it to have everybody try different things and learn new skills. Our Teacher allows us to play these activities:Origami, Friendship Braclets, Writing Stories, Card Games Etc. The Activities we do are fun, exciting and it builds community. In a way, we also learn becuase the outputs help us practice math and writing skills.  In our class we try to have everyone included in every activities. We are grateful for being able to do outputs on Wednesday in our class. We like the friendship bracelets because it’s the skill of braiding and we try new colour combinations.  We also like the nets – we can make other things besides the geormetry and we have to try to figure out how to put it together and find out what shape it is in the end. We love the origami because we get to fold new things that we never did before.  It teaches us how to fold perfect shapes and about equal sides.

By ILOVEFOOD, Minnie Mouse And Twinkle7091

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