math, algebra

This term half of our math periods [ Wenesday Thursday Friday] we have been doing some basic algebra mainly working with variables. We have been using scales like this:

                                                                                                           What is the heaviest object?

athough we are wrapping up our algebra session it was highly successful with our work with scales and ”the box”

                                                                                                       What happens in the box?

`Math fun facts !         

1. Complex numbers can be simply repersented by a+bi       

2.The longest prime number yet contains more than 13 billion digits!

post your own [by leaving a comment]

by MTBarca


  1. Tami (from across the hall)

    Division 16, your art work was truly lovely. You really got the idea of perspective and the colours you chose beautifully represented the topic of your work. What an amazing community of artists you are!

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