Remembrance Day Artwork

Yesterday on Wednesday us as Division 16 made some artwork of Flanders Field. First we looked at some pictures of the war in Flanders Field. We did this so we could learn about mood, perspective and how Flanders Field looked like in real life. We had a choice between using chalk or oil pastels for our drawings to create textures and shading.

We then drew lines on the paper one line representing the foreground and the other lines to create the background, when we drew on the background line we had to make sure the object is small since it`s further away. With the foreground we drew the objects closer since it was ”nearer” creating a scaling effect. After the artwork was done, we mounted the drawings onto varying colors of construction paper after that we went down to the gymnasium where the Remembrance Day Assembly was going to be held and taped out artwork onto the walls along with artwork from the other classes.

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