Hi Division 16, parents,

Students are working on a post that will give more information about the Theme units and our process for choosing them next week.

In the meantime, your homework was to consider ways of categorizing our brainstorm for Wednesday.

The criteria is:

  • At the end, there must be five (5) categories
  • Each category must have a title that is appropriate for each item in the category
  • Each idea in the brainstorm must fit into a category
  • Each idea must fit into only one category
  • There must be no disagreement by any member of the class to the placement of an idea in a category or the title of a category

As you will recall, Friday we got quite far in the process, but determined we needed to come back to it after taking some time to think about it.

For your consideration / thinking / talking:

Here are the brainstorm ideas:


And here are the categories we had so far:


We will have time on Wednesday and Thursday to work further on this categorization.  Please be prepared to provide ideas and feedback on this on Wednesday.




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