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OK so here is the great work you did today – Very well done.  There are still a few topics that have not yet been placed in the categories you chose today.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Chaos Theory and Big Bang Theory don’t have a home yet.  Do some research on this topic so you can participate in the debate!
  • Please think about these categories in light of how you would like to study them
  • When considering placement in a category, think of the *best* fit, rather than where it *might* fit
  • These categories are still open to being changed – they are not set in stone until we are done

Excellent work.  I’m really looking forward to your next bit of thinking on this.  Don’t forget, sometimes it gets harder before it gets easier.  I was so very very proud of the arguments you made today to support your position and your flexible thinking.  You were each open to changing your minds, and also ready to share your ideas with the class and this is SO important. 

See you tomorrow,


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