A fun way to join a community

A Basketball team is a great way to play in a community. At Basketball practice, we take turns shooting and defending. I recommend joining the Basketball team because it is a great way to make friends and get exercise. Basketball is challenging and I like it because the girls in there are nice and friendly. In the games, we play other schools. Our first game we played Mount Pleasant and we lost 44-15. When we’re in the games, there is a lot of adrenalin and excitement. But the best part of the game is when Dickens cheers for the team.

Basketball is challenging because people try to steal the job from you and then they pass and shoot. Basketball is also challenging because there are so many rules you have to remember but the fun part of Basketball is that you get to play in a friendly team and the coach is very supportive, helps you know what to do and how to make a quick decision.

By I love Pink


  1. Kathryn

    I am coming out soon to cheer on the Dickens basketball team. Love the post. Love how everyone gets to play, learn the game and have fun. Great to have a team at Dickens!

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