Theme Project

Hi this is Batman346 and Wolverine10 and now introducing… AlpacaOverlord! Today our blog is about our theme project. We start theme by coming up with a bunch of  ideas then we put them on a large piece of paper. Once we finish our ideas we make a web with every idea having a separate web, then we write ideas on the web which go with the idea. Next we start to categorize the ideas, we usually start with  5 categories and add ideas one-by-one but if anyone disagrees then we have to not put that idea into that category then we will try to find a different category suitable for that idea. Each category must have an appropriate title for the catrgory . After  a few weeks we finally decide the categories.

Next we vote on our favourite category (like technology&design) with a confidential vote, we do this by each of us putting our first second & third choices on our ballot,the first vote gets three points the second gets two and third gets one. After we count the votes and see which categories have the most votes (because in our theme we usually do 3 categories). We start to do some activities before we do our actual reasearch on our topic.

We have a choice how we want to put our project togather we can make a poster, power point, book, etc. On the day of when we show our projects we lay our projects out on the tables or on the carpet and we walk around and look at other people’s projects or present your project to the class.

By Batman346, ALPACAOVERLORD & Wolverine10

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