Prep / Music

Hi our names are EmuMiddlelord and LlamaUnderlord.

We don’t use the normal kind of insturments like a guitar or a piano at school, we use marimbas. Marimbas are like xylphones but made out of wood and are bigger. We are taught how to read music then we can learn our parts on our own or our teacher shows us the parts and there are different instruments. Some are really big ones that hold the beat and others are pretty small that play higher notes. There are four different kinds of marimbas we play at our school. We play the Soprano (small one), Tenor (medium sized one), Baritone (one of the big ones) and then the big one, the Bass (it holds the beat between the other marimbas).

After we learn our parts, we can play all together in perfect unison. Near the end of the term we perform in front of the whole school and some parents. It’s so much fun to perform in front of the whole school you get to show off your part of the song and you get to play it which makes it fun. After you play your song you feel proud of what you did performing in front of the school and some parents. We love playing music, our teacher is great and awesome, and its so much fun playing the marimbas!

By EmuMiddlelord and LlamaUnderlord


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