Wall Projects

We start off brainstorming about what topic we should do it on. We talked about Learning and Citizenship. We got into 5 groups and started talking to each other about what we want to do it on. It took us a while to pick our topic and we webbed different topics and sketched out scenes to the story. After a couple of weeks we made a decision on what scene we are going to do. Then we took out the materials that we needed and started our project. We could use paints, pencil crayons, pencils, construction paper et cetera.

It took us about 3 months to finish. We placed them on the walls in our classroom for people to see how we are a great community. It was a great experience, we got to work with people we don’t usually work with and got to share our ideas to the group to make a good and friendly project.

By Always Beliebing and I love you Bieber


  1. Mr.minister

    I think it was smart to create posters about how great the community is and that more schools should show how they love their community like dickens(CharlesDickens) 😀

  2. Batman346

    I miss Wall Projects already. Thank you for reminding me for the key words that shaped this project. BTW: Dat troll face 😛

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