We have recently started a science project with Laurie’s class. We call it the No Name Project A.K.A. the  NNP. We started the NNP on Janaury 10th and we will begin presenting on the 20th of February. As always, the criteria was challenging and student created because at Dickens the students choose some of what they learn, including creating criteria. When we started, like all good brainstormers, we came up with categories and suggested topics, which is, in our opinion, a great way to get started on a project. Again, it was an optional situation, between working by yourself or with a partner but very few choose to work by themselves. At the NNP we try not to make the presentations super long, so the audience doesn’t get bored. But after the Super Project, [ see curriculum page] we bet it will be nothing close to boring, no matter how long the presentations are. In fact, in many cases, we’ll wish the presentations were longer! One of the reosons for that is that there will be a large range of topics and every presentation will teach you something new!

By MTBarca and Hamburgers123



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