20 Second Speeches

20 Second Speeches are a fun and creative way to find out what other people like. It’s also usually the first major writing project. For those of you who don’t know what 20 Second Speeches are, let me explain. 20 Second Speeches are 20 second long speeches about something that you like or did or do. It may sound pretty easy so far, but there’s a catch.The thing that you like or did or do has to be unknown to most people. Then you have to write about it. But, the speech must be 20 seconds, no more, no less. But although it may be hard work, it is lot’s of fun.

This year we have 28 students, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing some great speeches!

Here is the criteria for our finished project:



By BookExplorer 125


  1. dickensdiv16

    You’ve done a great job of explaining the joy of 20 second speeches. I really enjoy them so much – both the opportunity for everyone to get up and present for the class, and also learning so much about you all. It’s such a great chance to practice speaking as well as giving feedback. I think it really makes us brave and helps us come together as a class. I hope we can post the text of the speeches on the blog.

  2. travelhappy

    I’ve really enjoyed listening to all of the 20 second speeches so far. I was surprised by how many new things I learned about our class members. Plus, the variety of topics and different types of hooks, just amazed me! I’m excited to hear what the rest of the 20 second speeches will be about.

  3. Wolvirine 10

    You did an awesome job explaining what 20 sec speeches are, My favorite part about 20 sec speeches is when i learn about what people like and why.

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