FEEDBACK (spoiler alert)

This majestic, interesting book called “Feedback”, by Robison Wells will keep you off your seat. A boy named Benson used to be trapped in this school. Now he escaped and is trying to survive with Becky in the real world. But things get worse when Benson finds out that they are still being hunted by the androids. They found a village and realized detention at the school doesn’t mean death, it means getting implants and moving to the village . When things seem like they can’t get worse, he discovers that his ex girlfriend who had died is there too!!  What can Benson do when he finds out this is the start to Maxfield’s plan?

My favorite part is when Benson put a hole the tank holding a weird creature thus ending Maxfield’s scheme to trap and implant chips into teens’ brains. I think the creature is an alien here to enslave humans.  I enjoyed this book because it had action, adventure and comedy. I recommend this book for all ages 11 and up.

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By Wolverine 10


  1. BookExplorer125

    Great job, Wolverine10! I liked the part where (SPOILER) Benson heads back to the school to save Becky.
    Awesome review!
    – BookExplorer125

  2. travelhappy

    This sounds like an interesting and exciting book! I just wish I had been here to hear the details of the story. Your review has made me want to read “Feedback” in the future!

    • Wolvirine 10

      Can I call you Wolvee ? Wolvee you did a excellent job with the description of the book I hope you keep doing blogs in the future.

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