The Healing of the First Nations

Canada takes action for their mistakes. The past wasn’t a positive one. But now, we citizens of Canada take action to apologize for what we did.

In the past we have mistreated the First Nation. We’ve invaded their territory and took their children to learn the European ways. We’ve put the First Nation children into school where they were fed rotten food and we strictly forbade them to speak  their own  language and forbade them from own traditions, and from seeing their own parents.

Now, Canada is trying to apologize for what we have done. We’re taking action by having a Truth and Reconciliation week. Sept. 16-Sept.23 is the Truth and Reconciliation week. Division 16 has participated in an event on the 2nd day of Reconciliation week. we’ve attended an All Nations Canoe Gathering. It was an amazing  experience. Here’s a member of division 16’s experience.

My experience was very cool because I’m First  Nations. I liked the canoes and the people’s costumes. It was interesting when they spoke their own Language. I felt happy to be there in person I saw the news people on the docks. That was important because we showed everyone that there were many people there maybe thousands. I felt happy to find out but there were 6-8 boats there because it was cool to have everyone right there.

image image_1 photo

By Alpaka432 and Bookworm


  1. travelhappy

    It’s heartbreaking to think of how awful it was for kids who went to residential school. It humbles me to think of the strength that the survivors and their relatives have, that there were able to come forward to share their personal stories.

  2. yo10Riuda

    I’m quite sad that I wasn’t able to go to this field trip but this post made it feel like I didn’t miss anything last Tuesday. This was a really good post, great job.

  3. Bookexplorer125

    Thank you for making a post for this. The Aboriginals deserve all this respect and certainly deserve an apology.
    What we did was not right and now we have to make up for that. This is such an important thing to do and I feel
    that they have every right to practice their culture.
    Thanks for this!

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