The Library

We like books in the the library. There are books about animals in the library and you can learn about animals . The Library is warm it makes us feel good , happy, excited. When when we were younger we read a lot of books .Our teachers sometimes helped us choose books  and sometimes we choose them ourselves .

Cheiree is nice she works at the library helping us pick books and putting books  on the shelves. She helps people learn. She works with classes reading us books, during book exchange, and doing research. The best place to sit in the library is the tables because you can put your book on the table and read. We go to the library in the morning during quiet reading sometimes at lunch.

By MVP and Lightningboy123


  1. travelhappy

    I love reading, and the library has always been one of my favourite places. I can spend hours there, just looking at all of the different books, and finding new books to read. Cheriee makes the library at Charles Dickens an inviting and friendly place. It is great that she is so helpful and knowledgeable too.

  2. Bookexplorer125

    I totally agree with you. The library is a great place for reading and very inviting. Cheiree is very friendly and will help you out
    with anything book-related. Thanks for this post! 🙂
    Keep on reading!

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