We have recently done a student-led project for belonging called invisionment.

The group was asked to come up with a all new animal,invention or even something like a new math decimal.

The class was also asked to give reasons for the features of our creations.

We were then asked to share our ideas with another and give tips and suggestions for improvement, then combine them. I learned a lot about others interests.

Jr. Fruitcake


  1. travelhappy

    I thought that this project gave lots of opportunity to be creative. Some of the ideas were so inventive and interesting! Especially when people got together and shared ideas.

  2. wolfpack101

    I thought it was great fun . I like the concept of having a reason to create it so it would benefit humans or the creature itself

  3. MTBarca

    I thought it went really well and that the ideas and creations really showed all the creativity we have. When we were in partners it also demonstrated that two minds are more creative than one, and that two different perspectives are more revealing than one.

  4. Bookexplorer125

    This was a great project to show off everyone’s creative side. I had lots of fun doing this. Imagine what it would
    be like to if these things really existed!

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