We just started this book called “Wonder”, by  R. J. Palacio.  We are about one quarter of the way through.  The main character is a boy named August He has had a lot of surgery on his face so he looks unusual.

He started school when he was 12 years old. I really like the book it is sad but there are happy parts to the book too.   I think that August is going to be popular in the end of the book.

What do you think of the book so far?

By Porcupines


  1. Jennifer

    I found that sometimes the book Wonder can be hard to listen to, because of how mean some of the kids are to August. But I feel like many people can relate to August, because a lot of us have had times where we have been made fun of for what we look like. It reminds me of the workshop we went to this morning at the PNE, where presenters were talking about people being judged based on stereotypes.

  2. Jr. Fruitcake

    I think that the book wonder can be strange at times but I think that the way the author wrote the book is very effective and unique style.

  3. Bookworm

    I really like this book because it is written in two different point of views,and I like how the book is unique.and I wonder what lies ahead

  4. Anonymous

    I read wonder last year. I liked it because it has more than one perspective.I am enjoying listening to it.


  5. Superman

    i really like the book, it kinda makes you re think what you’re doing and how it affect others. i’ve seen the book in the library and thought of reading it but i didn’t. Now i can tell it as a read aloud so im happy. 🙂

  6. Petrinied4000

    i like how the book has two sides and has sad parts and happy parts. August must be feeling sad in the part of the book we are reading now.

  7. Bookexplorer125

    I think it’s a fantastic book and I’ve read a lot of books (hence Bookexplorer125).
    It’s a fascinating read aloud that isn’t about something like saving the world or saving people’s lives,
    but about how someone has a problem with their face and how they deal with school.
    It’s great to hear everyone’s perspectives on how they think it’s like. But no more spoilers…
    Great read aloud!

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