Truth and Reconciliation

When we stood

we had to walk away

we had to leave

but we tried to stay

and now at dawn

the days are grey

but hope’s not gone

we always say


We’ve walked miles to find our point of peace

we’ve broken laws to find our laurel wreaths

we’ve tried to tell the terrible truth

but there’s too much pain, we cannot roost

on the branches that belong to them

far off our treasured stem.




  1. liverpoolFAN!

    MTbarca i think wrote this very nicely and i really enjoyed the movie at the pne about the truth and reconcileation

  2. Bookexplorer125

    MTbarca, that was a stunning poem. It captures what happened back then in 13
    lines. I really enjoyed the PNE. This is great!

  3. Subway2go

    I thought that was a very moving poem. I remember that field trip clearly because it was so persuasive just like your post. Great job MTbarca

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