I really liked last weeks field trip, I liked the first part because  it told me to be myself, not to be a shame of who i am and love myself because there’s only one you. I learned that accepting yourself will open new doors for you. I read a quote it said ” You have to respect yourself, before you expect others to respect you.” I thought of this quote when I was listening to her. The second part taught me that you should love your dad because some people out there never met theirs. You should be grateful for what you have because some people had to live in the streets. For me now knowing  what happened in the past, I want to help although I don’t know how and it’s in the past but I feel like I would try to help if I was still in the time span.  It was really sad to hear about their experiences and how the school treated people/them.  I never knew about the schools in till we went on the field trip and i wished i did before it’s an interesting topic and you could learn from it. The whole experience taught me to remember that everyone’s different and that different is good. Learn and love yourself. Accept others for who they are and never try to change someone into something their not. Everyone has flaws, but that’s what makes you special and different.


By: Superman


  1. travelhappy

    I really like what you said here, superman. I agree that you have to remember to love yourself, accept others and not take your loved ones for granted.

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