Extreme Environments

Another new project! Its called extreme environments and its a very new project. All we have done so far is read some interesting books and watch part of an amazing video of some caves where an interesting chemical process is happening that creats Gypsum.This strange chemical format is made by Sulfuric Acid and Limestone. I think everybody is excited for what is to come. Our student teacher Jennifer is teaching and is doing a great job!! I’m very interested in animals that survive in harsh invironments and how they adapt.



  1. Dr.Rhythm

    The cave video was amazing! I loved all the magical looking rock formations. The video made me want to explore. And it reminded me of one of my favourite words, “spelunking,” which is the act of exploring caves.

  2. dickensdiv16

    Ohhhh… you’ve done such great work on this project since this was written, Jr. Fruitcake. I cannot wait to see what amazing ways you’ll find to show your learning. Extreme Environments is such a great topic, and you are all so very creative. It’s great to see everyone from Division 15 and 16 working together on these projects and to hear the surprising and sometimes shocking facts you’re learning. I’m also looking forward to seeing how you will all meet the criteria in challenging and exciting ways. You’ve all hit the ground running this year and I’m so proud of your work.

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