Little Buddies

Two weeks ago we got together with our little buddies for the very first time. Their teachers Karen Lam, Wendy Saunders and Jenny Freeman told us to find a little buddy who could look up to us. For our meet, Division 16 spread in between Karen, Wendy and Jenny’s classes and did some choosing. Our little buddies showed us their favorite choosing areas and showed us how to play their favorite games. So many happy faces were seen. So many experiences were made. All of Division 1 2 and 16 had a great time.

photo (4) photo (7) photo (8) photo (5) photo (6) photo (3) photo (9)



  1. travelhappy

    Seeing how everyone interacts with their little buddies has been touching. The kindness and gentle guiding I’ve seen has made me proud of such a wonderful class.

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