The Project of Heart

Division 16 drew on a small square wooden tiles for the Aboriginal people that survived the horror of residential schools. These tiles are being made by kids all across Canada.  Then the people who receive them create huge mosaics. One group of people covered a canoe with the tiles.  The Project of Heart started mainly before the Truth and Reconciliation walk.  We feel survivors of residential schools deserve hope from all Canadians.  Some people wrote hopeful messages or drew hopeful pictures of things such as stars, happy landscapes, or giant words to express emotion.  When the tiles came together they became a powerful, colorful, and beautiful mosaic.  We hope the Canadians continue to right the wrong and that the Aboriginal People take our tiles as
a message of rememberence and hope.

Done by coolschoolscout and petrinid4000

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1


  1. travelhappy

    The tiles turned out gorgeous! The images showed me that you understood the meaning and importance behind making these.

    Also to coolschoolscout and petrinid4000, this blog post was well written! Good work!

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