Buddy Soup

Last Friday, Division 16 and 15, with their little buddies from Wendy, Jenny, and Kim’s class brought in vegetables from home to put in our Thanksgiving soup. There were carrots, potatoes, onions and many other veggies that the little buddies helped the big buddies cut up and put into four huge cooking pots in the kitchen. The multi-purpose room was filled with the delicious smell of cooking soup all morning. Then, when it was ready to eat, everyone sat down at the lunchtables and enjoyed their soup. The Dickens TV Club was there, filming everyone eating and asking people questions like “How does the soup taste?” and “What are you thankful for?”. It was a lovely time for buddies, big and small, to get together and celebrate thanksgiving.

By The Unique Unicorn

photo 4 (2) photo (3)photo 5 photo (10) photo 1 (4) photo 1


  1. dickensdiv16

    TUU, you’ve done a great job here of capturing what was great about Buddy soup (AKA Thanksgiving Soup). It was a nice way to connect with our little buddies. There is something about cooking and eating together that brings out the best in everyone, and it’s always so wonderful to see the gentle, sweet care that you big buddies offer to your little buddies. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Thank you for capturing it here and sharing it with everyone.

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