This year we went skating 3 times at Trout Lake Community Centre.  Two times we went with different classes and the last time we went with our Little Buddies, which was very fun!  We helped our Little Buddies to learn how to skate, even though we fell down, slipped, got scared, we still had a wonderful time with our Buddies.  One of my favourite things to do at skating is racing with my friends or playing tag with them.  I also like to skate around the rink by myself.  I think our Little Buddies had a lot of fun skating with this class because they have a better understanding how to skate and they have their Big Buddy friends to help them get up after falling down.

By Bookworm


  1. dickensdiv16

    I think you’ve really captured the joy of skating, Bookworm. There is a real sense of fun and freedom with those skates on! I’m so glad we got to go with our Little Buddies.

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