Spring Fling

It is that time of year again.  Once Spring is in the air what better way to celebrate than the Spring Fling. Cake will be won, people will be dunked, music will be played.  Hang in there, Paul!  This year is filled with lots of games in the gym such as the Cake Walk, Hockey Shootouts and much more… If you win these games, you get a sticker and with stickers you get prizes.  Don’t forget to check out Division 16’s fundraiser!

Armadilloking’s favourite memory from the Spring Fling was once his Mom did face painting the first time and he got a Batman symbol on his face and a pirate tattoo on his arm.

Bazinga101’s favourite memory is winning a cake all by himself so as you can see, we are very excited for Spring Fling!

By Armadilloking and Bazinga101


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