Egg Drop

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A couple days ago we had our Egg Drop. The egg drop is about if we dropped an egg off a roof what could you do to make it survive. My egg was wraped in Kleenex and bubble wrap then we hadd a plastic bag as a parachute. Everybody was still happy even if your egg cracked. After your egg was dropped you had to unwrap it and put your materials in the garbage and recycling bin except your egg. If your egg didn’t crack you put it in a plastic bucket but if it cracked you put it in the garbage. I hope everybody had fun.

by subway2go

This term we made a contraption to help an egg travel safely from the rooftop garden onto a tarp and hoola hoop. We were allowed to bring anything from home but we still had to build it ourselves. We wanted our contraption to be based on parachute technology. First we used an apple sauce carton to hold the egg. We put felt in the carton to soften it but not too much because we didn’t want to put pressure on it. After that we used string to tie the apple sauce carton to a few balloons. Then we put little springs on the bottom of the carton to soften the impact. While we were building it we overheard many people saying that balloons without helium do not slow a fall. That wasn’t true but we didn’t know it. Then we decided to replace the balloons with a bag, which would act as a parachute, but then someone came and said that the bag was their’s so at the last minute we had to cut it off. We didn’t have any time left and we couldn’t drop it off because there was supposed to be a parachute in the design. So we found a cardboard box and we put our contraption inside. Then we ran around scavenging for any soft objects we could put in the box to soften the impact. The next day everybody’s contraptions were getting dropped onto the tarp. Our’s was the biggest of all three classes partcipating. When our’s fell, it the edge of the hoola hoop with a BANG!! We thought it broke because of the noise but when we unpackaged it the egg was unharmed. We were very happy.

by coolschoolscout and petrinied4000

This term we made egg protection devices useing different items to protect them.we protected our egg in an unusual way. First we cut a hole in the top of a head of iceburg lettuce and put the egg inside. We then taped a container lid over the hole. We then cut a hole in the top of a pepper and put a second egg inside.After that we put cotton balls in the top of the pepper’s hole, and taped the pepper  to the top of the iceberg lettuce. When it was dropped the pepper smashed as did it’s egg but the egg in the iceberg lettuce survived. Over all it was a success but we still wish both eggs survived.

by Jr.fruitcake and olieopilis09

On Thursday May 29 we did an EPD egg drop an EPD is a egg protection device. After we made the EPD’s we got a science data organizer to fill out we filled out two: hypothosis and materials. Me and my partner used 1 bag, cotton balls, egg, tape, etc. About 50% of the eggs survived. I had a lot of fun doing the egg drop.

by awesomedog.

this term we made E.P.D.’s which is an egg protection device.Our group made an E.P.D. out of a pale/bucket from the doller store ,bubble wrap, tape, cotton balls yarn and balloons.First we filled the pale/bucket with cotton balls put the egg in the middle and filled the rest of the bucket with cotton balls.After we wraped the whole thing in bubble wrap to soften the landing and we put extra on the bottom for extra protection.Once we did all that we tied 4 ballons on with yarn so it would float a little.In the end our egg survived the landing and everything worked out great.we really thaught it cracked after we heard it drop with a verry loud sound ,thankfully it did not!

by: Ginger and keroppi.lover

This month our class had a scientific event called “Egg Drop”! we created egg protection devices then teachers threw them off the roof top garden. After that,we had to do scientific writing about the experament. My egg device had a box with cotton in it. Luckily , my egg survived! Someone in the class videotaped the drop. When we watched the vidoes felt like it was happening all over again! I learned do much about what keeps some eggs safer than others. I thought the best device was an egg surrounded by balloons because the egg floated lightly onto the gruond.


This month our class had a scientific event called “Egg Drop”!  We created Egg Protection Devices then teachers threw them off the roof top garden.  After that, we had to do scientific writing abotu the experiment.  My egg device had a box with cotton in it.  Luckily, my egg survived.  Someone in the class videotaped the drop.  When we watched the video I felt like it was happening all over again.  I learned so much about what keeps some eggs safer than others.  I thought the best device was an egg surrounded by balloons because the egg floated lightly on to the ground.

by ?

Me and my partner had a very successful egg drop with our EPD successfully protecting our egg.  We built our device using string, masking tape, 3 plastic shopping bags, a small ziploc bag, a garbage bag, torn up newspaper… an egg and some paper towel and a small long handled woven basket.  We constructed our device by filling the ziploc bag with torn up newspaper and paper towel.  We then tied the top and placed it in the basket.  After that, we tied the two other shopping bags to the the basket using the string in addition to the garbage bag.  We finished up by taping the bag with the egg in it firmly in the basket.  The bags we tied on the top were meant as parachutes but they did not work.

by MTBarca

A few weeks ago we made EPDs (Egg Protection Devices).  We had to make our devices in the morning.  Then the next day we dropped them from the roof.  A lot of people’s eggs survived but mine didn’t.  Allt he EPDs were unique, some people put balloons or parachutes on theirs to make them fall slower.  After all our EPDs had been dropped from the roof we did writing about what happened to our EPD and what we learned that we would do differently next time.  Even though my egg broke, I still had lots of fun.

by Cupcake123

On May 29 I got to my table.  Me and my partner made our big Egg Protection Device.  On the 30th we released it.  The parachute did not work and the EPD shot down and the egg did crack.  I didn’t put enough protection on it so the egg splattered.  Next time I’ll build a lighter EPD container.  Our group used a wetnaps container, a box, a plastic bag, two strings of yarn, tape and the egg.  I though the EPD would concave.

by Prestigious Pedestrian

My egg survived!  It was a true work of luck not anything else, just luck.  I feel good.  It felt like a dream.  We survived!  Victory!  Other than that I had a good day just kidding it made my day!  Here’s a pic on how we felt with our EPD.  OF course, we didn’t know it survived yet.  The egg drop was fun and fresh and it made my two days.  We used mostly toilet paper and cardboard and a pasta container we thought earlier thwe cracked the egg with scissor once packing toilet paper but it survived.

by ArmadilloKing

On May 30th, it was when we dropped the eggs from the rooftop.  When we were making the egg protection device, my partner and I used balloons, cotton balls, cup holder, plastic bags, tape and an egg.  When our egg protection device got thrown to the ground it did not survive because a balloon popped and made the egg land on the side.

by Nerdurtle

On May 30 we did an egg drop.  Our class and two other classes participated.  Everyone was in pairs unless we had extra kids, then it was three.  We had about an hour to make our EPD (Egg Protection Device).  Me and my partner made ours out of random items you could find in your everyday life:  cotton balls, plastic cup, balloons, recipts, fabric, a band-aid and plastic bags.  Sadly, ours broke but the landing was really smooth.  If I had to change something I wouldn’t.  I liked how it was even though it broke.

by Bumblebee

For our Egg Drop Device we used a yogurt container, which we put on the base.  Next was a sour cream container.  Then came two styrofoam containers.  Inside was the egg, wrapped in bubble wrap and a plastic bag, then two toilet paper rolls.  Attached to those were two plastic bags and a balloon which acted as a parachute.  Our hypothesis was that it would survive.  The suspense was killing us as the egg was about to be dropped off the roof.  We waited with baited breath.  It was over in a second.  We unwrapped the egg and held it high.  IT HAD SURVIVED!

by ? and Unique Unicorn

Last month we did an egg drop.  I (Telemon) did it iwh my partner Glorious Leader.  We made an Egg Protection Device and dropped it off the rooftop garden.  When my partner and I finished making our EPD I thought that our egg was going to break because it was too heavy.  My partner throught that if our parachute worked as intended our egg would survive.  When we built our EPD we made it out of a wagon wheel box cut in half vertically. Two plastic bags, one for bedding and the other for a parachute.  For the rest of the bedding we used short strands of yarn and squares of cloth.  We used metal wire to hold the parachute in place and then we added in half a walnut shell for good luck. When we dropped our EPD off of our rooftop garden, our parachute didn’t work as planned and our egg had a very hard landing.  Our egg had exploded inside the box.  We learned a lot, next time we do an egg drop we should have a bigger parachute and make our EPD lighter.

by Telemon and Glorious Leader

About a week ago, Karim’s class, Tami’s class and our class had an egg drop.  We had an hour to make our EPD (egg protection device) and my partner and I took a little less than an hour.  First we got our materials which included tape, 7 balloons, cardboard, cotton balls and some yarn.  We cut up the cardboard and stuck them together with tape to make a box.  We put in the egg and covered it with cotton balls then taped the top.  Then we blew up the balloons, attached them to string and tied the string to the box.  Our EPD was successful!

by Ilovefood

Last week we did an egg drop.  My group created ours with cups, tape, plastic bags and an egg.  We had a set amount of time to create our EPDs but in the end there was a high success rate.  Sadly, my group’s egg broke. It broke because the parachute was blocked.  It didin’t have much padding, it fell too fast and received too much shock.  Next egg drop we do, I will put more padding and hope it doens’t go splat.

by Wolfpack101

Our Egg Protection Device was designed to look like a woman, but despite how it looked, unfortunately had some faults in the design such as not enough protection.  However, another issue that might not have made our EPD work properly was that it was thrown into the air although it was supposed to be dropped, therefore not letting the parachute work properly and letting it land on its side (ouch!) We used ripped up magazine and bubble wrap whcih may have worked, but not in the design we used.  We also had a parachute made out of plastic bags.  Overall, while it would have won “best dressed EPD award”, we could have used a better, more compact design.

by Bookexplorer125 and Grass


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