community quilt

For our belonging project we did  something called a community quilt.

We put everyone in colour groups-orange, purple, blue, red and yellow. There were 5 groups and each group had 5 people. They would have to draw something they like or enjoy doing. We had five different shades of each colour and everyone had their own shade. We mounted the pictures on to the wall and we used black maker to make it look like stitching.


coloured pencils


community quilt


Community Quilt Criteria

draw something you like or enjoy doing

print your name on the paper

only use 1 colour

be creative




Ginger, the awesomest and reader


  1. purplegiraffe47

    I thought it was a great idea because it made everyone feel like a community the same way a quilt has a bunch of different pictures but they’re all sewed together

  2. kelly

    i liked on how you had already orginazed everything with colours and paper and groups.i also liked the idea on how you drew on sitches on the drawings to make it look like a quilt.

  3. cool sketcher

    I think it was an interesting and creative activity putting together a paper quilt together using different
    shades of a colour and expressing ideas
    of things your in to

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