What Do I See When I Close My Eyes?

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What do I see when I close my eyes?  Its a good question isn’t it?  I liked this art project because it really lets you express yourself and it’s fun doing it in the shape of your head.  I believe it’s good to let yourself be vulnerable once in a while, so this is good practice.

We went through a couple of steps to make this happen.  First we started out with a large piece of paper.  Then, using an overhead projector, we traced our shadows, making the shape of our heads and then we went on from there.  Well that’s all I have to say so goodbye!

By Cheese Curds


  1. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    i think that this was a fun and cool thing to do.because working togther is fun and good so i love it very much myself !

  2. Scarletcat

    I think it was a really creative project ,and it was cool to do a lesson on something in our everyday lives that we don’t really think about.

  3. Subway2go

    I really like working on this project because it really makes you reflect on your thoughts. Not many people think out loud about what they see when you close my eyes. I found interesting that we had to work on it profile style instead self portrait style. That is what makes this project unique and reflective. I have found it very exciting to do this and I hope we do something like this again soon. Subway2go


    This project super fun because we get to show things that you maybe would not tell people on a daily basis .But when you show thing in art it just brings you out in a total different way.

  5. doctor pineapple

    I think this project was a great way to learn more about the other people in the class. It really made me think about some of the things that will always stay with you no matter what… It was a great project over all because it was very open ended and you could be as creative as you wanted…

  6. Petrinid2000

    I think this was a very unique way to do art. I really like the idea of drawing what you see when you close your eyes in your own head. I really enjoyed working on mine because I can draw what I like.

  7. who gets money

    i love to do art and we dident do much last year so this was so much fun i hope to do more art like this in the year i love how you can bounce ideas of peaple whan youare stuck

  8. reader

    I think that this was a really intresting project, I had a lot of fun and I would like to do something else like it again. I also like the way we could get to know other people not just letting them tell us about themselves but by looking on the walls and knowing what things people like and are inspiring to them. It was also instersting looking at all the colours people used some people did landcaspes amd that really instersed me.

  9. ginger

    I had a really fun time making the pictures in our profile . It was a good time to learn more about people that are new to our class . I also thought it was a good time to talk to others at your table.

  10. cool sketcher

    It was nice to do a project with Tami and Karim because you could show you friend in a different class your art you did

  11. lightningboy123

    it was creative and colorful, i enjoyed drawing pictures it was nice and and it looked really cool when they finshed the head of the shadow

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