Belonging Project / Inventing and modifying gym games

On Tuesday September 30th: members of our class put together a belonging project in the gym. It involved teams inventing or modifying a quick gym game with some other kids. The game my team put together was called… 5 pin knock down. In 5 pin knock down the class is split into 5 groups, each group has 5 people and gets one pin with a hoop around it. Each team has a little time to come up with a strategy. They then send out their attackers to knock down other team’s pins. Usually 2 people are attackers while 3 people are the protecters and neither can step in some other  teams hoops as well as their own hoops. Protectors throw balls at attackers and when an attacker is hit they run to their teams hoop .I think that this belonging project was very succesful, how about you?

by Aldwyn 2000


  1. jr.fruitcake

    creative and well organized. With good critieria th at was flexable just to the reasonable point. i felt welcome and there was no presure. the presenters were calm and collected, well done!

  2. cool sketcher

    I think it was successful except for that the game was really easy for the other teams to hit one anothers’ pin down in the first three seconds of the game. Perhaps you could put the hoops down in different places so the team in the middle didn’t lose so quickly.

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