On Tuesday, October 7, we went on a field trip to go bowling.  But we got split up into around thirteen groups.  Some of the groups got to go upstairs but most of them got to go downstairs.  I can’t say anything about the upstairs groups because my group was downstairs, so I’ll talk about the downstairs groups.  We all got lots of pins down, even the group wtih the least number of pins down.  They got 293 points and the winning team got 486.  For some reason it was really quiet downstairs but my teacher told me it was really LOUD upstairs.

by Cool Sketcher

I thought that our Bowling field trip was a really great trip.  It was well planned but I think there could have been more rules.  A lot of kids were buying candy and food and it wasn’t very fair to the kids with no money to buy things.  I also think the groups should be more the teachers’ decision, that way there would be more of a mix of gender and class but it was very fun.  Thanks, Jody, Tami and Karim!

by purplegiraffe47

Division 16 went Bowling with two other classes which were Tami and Karim’s.  It was awesome.  We ate some nachos, drank some soda and ate candy.  I’ve been to this Bowling place every year for my birthday.  For this Bowling trip we are going two more times.  I had six people in my group including me.  My group got a lot of points.  The points we had all together were 418 that is a lot!

by balloongirl123


  1. Scarletcat

    I think that the bowling field trip was really fun,and it was nice when people cheered when you bowled,and when you did the same for other people!

  2. Aldwyn 2000

    I think that We all had a pretty good time bowling although when I checked out upstairs it was so loud that when I tried talking to a friend my friend did not hear me.But apart from that we all had enjoyed the field trip.

  3. cool sketcher

    I think it was more fun playing dodge ball down stairs because upstairs there were lights flashing all around and they distracted you but down stairs you weren’t distracted because there weren’t any flashing lights.

  4. lightningboy123

    up stairs was really fun but the lights keep on blnding me I really enojed it even though I was last. i love bowling!

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