Trout Lake Mingler

I am wrtiing about the Trout Lake Field Trip where I got

1. To hang out with friends

2. To eat tonnes of Junk Food

3. Tonnes of exercise running around

Above all, I had a super fun time at Trout Lake.  We walked together with 5 other classes.  It took a long time to walk there, about 20 minutes.  The first thing we did was gathered together with our friends and had lunch.  My friends and I organized a picnic.  I joined in with another group.  I brought my own lunch and then I also brought a bag of brownies, and my friend had never had brownies before, so that was a big experience.  We played in the playground a little bit on the swing set and a bit of our exercise was chasing the crows away from our food!

I liked the chance to be with other kids from other classes.  I played with lots of friends, both old and new.

by Cheese Curds


  1. Scarletcat

    I think that the “trout lake mingler” was a really great way to start off the school year!I had a lot of fun playing with people from other classes,and playing in the park!

  2. lightningboy123

    it was really fun and i got to meet a lot of new people from other classes but when we had to go back my legs started hurting really bad.

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