Counting by 7s (AKA Awesome book) Caution: SPOILERS

Counting by 7s is the book that we are reading for Read Aloud and so far the book is AMAZING!  The book is about Willow Chance, a middle school student but she stands out from everyone in the school.  She is gifted without even knowing it.  After fitting in, things go downhill for her when her parents die in a car crash. She ends up staying with her new friend Mai and her family in her counselor’s house.  She changes from a girl who thought about everything and sharing her opinion wither she felt like it or not to a shy, quiet girl who was OK with everything.

She now has to face the world with the ones who care for her and fight the fact that there’s more to come than just losing her parents.  What we want to know next is how will her new life fit her and what will happen to Willow.  If you are interested in findign out what happens next stay tuned for the next blog post for Counting by 7s.


By hamsterlover

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  1. coolschoolscout

    The book is suspenseful and I am really enjoying this novel. I think the author wrote it very well, especially since it creates pictures in my head and it’s like being inside the story myself.

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