Library Monitor

Sometimes in the library it is crazy in there but sometimes it can be very quiet and relaxing.  If you choose to be a library monitor, you must remember you are taking on new responsibilities for the library.  You have to remember to come on time for your shift or if you can’t come, book a student library monitor substitute or Cheiree will be very mad and disappointed!

The responsibilities include:

  • taking the chairs down in the morning
  • shelving books
  • helping kids to get books at exchange times
  • checking in and checking out books
  • showing up for your shift on time
  • putting tags on new books

It feels nice to help out in the library.  It feels like you are the little kids’ role model, which you are.  I learned a lot in library monitor.  I know where to put books and where to find books in the library.  I know how to check in and check out books so if I ever need to help out with something I can.
Whenever the book fair comes, you can sign up for guarding, which is when you just watch the so called junk in the library.

By Mario2



The Awesome Library Monitor Job

I am writing this blog post and I haven’t even done my first shift yet.  I have been waiting to be a library monitor for around 2-4 years.  When I was doing my training we had to know where everything is.  I think that ti’s going to be lots and lots of fun.  It really helps to know where everything is when I am picking out a book to read.  I felt really excited to do it becasue not everyone can be one because there are more kids than shifts.

As a library monitor you can help kids find books, checkout books for them and check in books.  I like helping kids I think it’s fun.  I am waiting to do my first shift in two weeks and I can’t wait.

by CheeseManABC123


What is it like to be a Library Monitor? So some people wait until they are in grade 5!  For me I have to wait 3 or 2 years for me to be a Library Monitor and now I am finally a Library Monitor.  Our library owner’s name is “Cheiree”.  She works there and since Cheiree is tired at times she needs help.  And that is where the Library Monitors come in.  The library has shifts at time like lunch, after school, morning and more times.  But for you if you are a library monitor there are challenges and hardcore stuff so beware of being a library monitor.

by gigatool2_is_a_girl

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