Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Project

Division 16 is doing a project which is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We are also doing the project with two other classes which are Tami and Karim’s classes.  Our teachers Jody Karim and Tami did this project too.  I really really liked it.  Karim had some old records which were The Police.  You can make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on a big paper or you can do it on a laptop.  The three teachers: Jody did Leonard Cohen, Tami did Neil Young and of course, Karim did The Police.

So have a Rocking day!

by balloongirl123


It’s fun studying famous people but it’s even more fun studying famous musicians and what’s the most famous type of music of the 21st century?  You got it, Rock and Roll which is why my class is studying the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

See, every kid in my class including me is researching a famous Rock and Roll artista nd I’m doing The Who and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.  First we picked a person to study then we started getting the information and tomorrow we finish our research and begin our projects.  It made me feel researchy.
The criteria for the project is:

  • the artist has to be an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • biographical information about your artist / band
  • achievements and/or challenges overcome
  • historical context for the music
  • “artwork” representative of the time period
  • one song to play and a chosen playlist of favourite music by the artist / band
  • quote by or about your artist / band
  • reason for your choice or artist / band

I have learned that after years of guitar smashing, The Who’s guitarist is deaf.

by Cheesecurds


Division 16 are doing a project called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  We started researching on the computers.  There were a lot of information about the musicians.  I felt really tired when we first started reseraching.  there were a lot of good music to listen to.  There was not so much information about some musicians.  I do not like listenting to music that much because I listen to it too much and it kind of annoys me a little.

by lightningboy123


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