Carl – Our New Student Teacher


Carl came into our class on October 16th with a big smile.

The way we got to know Carl was by an interview. Some questions we asked him were…

1 What positive thing to you have to bring to our classroom ?

Carl says:  I’m going to bring a new persecpitve to the class. With energy and enthusiasm to this amazing group of kids.

2 Why do you want to teach kids, and about what ?

Carl says: I chose to teach because I find it very rewarding to help students achive their goals. I have had many years of volunteering with kids and I love doing it.

3 What subject do you enjoy the most and would like to teach ?

Carls says: I would like to teach P.E. because I want to be active and involved with the class and the materials. [I also like all subjects ]

4 What do you look most forward to this coming school year ?

Carl says: I look foward to building connection with the students and the class community. As well as becoming a teacher.

Quote from Carl: Everyone has a different way of thinking of doing things.

by: Doctor Pineapple, Subway2go and Cheese Curds…



  1. ST Carl

    Thank you for the great interview, those questions were quite a doozy! The entire class (and school) has been very welcoming, making it easy to connect for getting a chance to know each one of you. I look forward to all your input towards a productive year.

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