Remembrance Day Word Cloud

sabine group soldier            henry group missing families

The Soldier                                                                             Families, missing their loved ones

For the Remebrance Day Assembly our class made word clouds for the art in the gym. we were split in to groups of three, here are the steps:

– get in to a gruop of three with mixed genders

– go to the website

– make a list of words connected to Remembrance Day around a theme

– pick the shape of the word cloud

– pick the font and colour of the words

– Jody printed the pictures

– pick the colour of the backgroud

– cut it out and mount it on a coloured peice of construction paper.

reader, balloongirl123 and THE_MOST_AWESOME_PERSON3710

evan group soldier            abigail group soldier returning

The Soldier                                                                   Soldiers Returning


anais group soldier                                   abby group hand

The Soldier                                                                            A Family in Hiding


chloe group families



  1. Scarletcat

    I think that the word cloud art turned out really well , and it looked beautiful In the gym for the rememberance day assembly.

  2. doctor pineapple

    I like that we’re making what seems like stories in a bubble for the assembly because each one is very unique.

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