Student Vote

Good Morning Division 16,

What an exciting day yesterday was. I hope you were able to watch some of the election coverage, although I suspect with the delays in closing the polls, it’s likely many of you were asleep by the time things were resolved.

If you have not yet had the chance to look at the results from the Municipal Election yesterday, you can find the number of votes each candidate received here, at the Vancouver City website.  I’m sorry to say that the media has done an absolutely terrible job of reporting this election, and no reliable website is presenting the information in a useful way. As of today, the results are still “unofficial”, even though all votes have been cast.  The results will become “official” on the city website on Wednesday.

The only source I can find that shows the number of votes each candidate received and the related percentage of all candidates is Global News. Please use this site to look at the numbers only, I am not recommending the commentary.

As for the results from Student Vote, you can find the results for Mayor and Council for all participating schools at the link below:

Here are the Mayor and Council as elected by Dickens students. I’m sorry, but the VSB server is not cooperating and I’m not able to retrieve our numbers for Trustee and Parks Board.


Gregor Robertson (33 votes)


Adrianne Carr – Green (40 votes)

Pete Fry – Green (34 votes)

Cleta Brown – Green (30 votes)

Heather Deal – Vision Vancouver (22 votes)

Raymond Louie – Vision Vancouver (19 votes)

Tim Stevenson – Vision Vancouver (18 votes)

Kerry Jang – Vision Vancouver  (17 votes)

RJ Aquino – One City  (16 votes)

Geoff Meggs – Vision Vancouver (16 votes)

Niki Sharma – Vision Vancouver (16 votes)

You can see the Trustee results from the three Vancouver schools who took part in this vote at this website:  but the data does not separate out our school’s vote. To see your votes compared with the city vote for Parks Board and School Board, click here

Thank you for all of the work you did preparing for the student vote.  Please comment below if you have any comments or observations about the information here.



  1. coolschoolscout

    I listened to part of the election and it was very intense and heated but I disagreed with some of the elected people but I guess that’s part of a democratic election.

  2. doctor pineapple

    I did stay up and watch the election until the end. I wasn’t very surprised at the outcome of the mayoral race but apparently there was some big upsets in some of the other elections across BC.Even some of the new city council members were a little bi of a surprise…

  3. Scarletcat

    I think the student vote was really cool ,it was like we got to actually vote in the election!I am so glad our class participated in it!

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