Read Aloud – Counting by 7s

Read aloud is when our teacher Jody reads a book to us.  The novel we have read is called “Counting by 7s”.  It’s about a girl whose IQ is about a thousand.  It’s funny and at times sad.  We’ve been reading it since October.  It’s awesome.  I would really recommend it.  My teacher got teary at the end of the book.  It’s probably the best book I’ve read this year and possibly last year since “Out of my Mind”


This book had some themes that kept coming up over and over again.  One of them was people who are there for you – In this book, Dell Duke, the school counselor, was an evolving character because he started out a lazy oaf but he changed because of Willow – after she came into his life he started “exercising”, being more truthful and a better person.  He helped her in the meetings.  At first, he just played cards on his computer while the kids sat there.  Willow had an adopted Mom and a Dad.  The story didn’t go into much detail about them.  They seemed to be nice people.  There was also Mai, the teenager, who was an upfront character and didn’t take no for an answer at all.  She protected Willow and after they met, Mai took Willow under her wing.

Another theme from the book was that the characters ended up or started out being good people.  The book was full of interesting characters.

After we finished the book, we had a writing activity.  In the book, Willow had a list of the 7 colours of the rainbow or her 7 favourite people and we had to do that too.  We had to make a list of something in our life that there were 7 of.  For example, I did “7 favourite activities to do with friends/family”.  Some other ones I saw were “7 people I can’t live without” “my 7 wonderings”, and “7 things I learned from my dog”.

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