Theme Books

In our class after every project or event we do a page in our Theme Books.  The criteria is always different to fit the Theme but we usually aren’t allowed to use any words and if we are it is usually a limited amount.  We are never allowed to use markers or pencils.  The main material is paper.  Our class is currently working on our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame book page.  It is a very artsy activity and I enjoy doing them a lot.  Sometimes we are allowed to be cunning, for example, one time we were only allowed to use five words but I had a lot to write so I used a code.

Theme books are also about self-evaluation.  After we finish a project we always get feedback from the audience.  Then we find a way to put that feedback into our Theme Book.  For our next project, we don’t want to make the same mistakes again so we look at our Theme Book to see what we could do better.  It is a very good system and it is a lot of fun to do all that art.  We are also usually allowed to make a window or a spring which makes our pages pop out.  Another commonly used piece of criteria is the found object.  We have to find anything that will fit in our book that connects to our project.  For example, for one of mine I used a bit of my script.  We started last year and we are doing them this year as well.  I enjoy it quite a bit.

by petrinied4000


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