Wall Projects

In the beginning, we did a brainstorm in a group after watching a video called “my 7 dreams for a better world” about our ideas for a better world, and then for better learning.  We talked about how in some places there aren’t the same opportunities and how our learning is different than other places.

We brainstormed “learning is…”, and also what learning looks like, what blocks learning and what builds good learning, like teamwork and focus.  After that, we talked a lot all together and had a big conversation about all of that.  Once we were finished, we began working in our groups to get ideas about our separate projects in our groups.  We had to get feedback from Jody before we got started on our projects.

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The projects go up on our classroom walls to make our room more colourful. This year our Wall Project criteria was to make your poster represent what we think learning is.  Some of the ideas from the groups were: that we should be happy with the supplies we have because some other schools in other places don’t have basic supplies; learning is to get knowledge for new opportunities in life; learning is discovering; learning is showing compassion to others. Overall, wall projects are going well and they will be finished soon!

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by Scarletcat and the awesomest.

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