Wall Projects Completed


Our story begins in a world with no colour.  A man sees a shop selling paint.  He thinks to himself “I could use those paints to make something…he buys the paints and takes them home.  He then begins to make something.  A few days later, his sculpture gets put into the town museum as the first ever rainbow.  3 kids see this and wonder “what would happen if colour was everywhere?” The three kids encouraged their townspeople to help them remake the town, but better.  The town agrees and the new project begins.  Everyone in the whole town pitched in to help with everything that they could possibly help with.  10 years later a stormy trashed up town with no happiness and no colour turns into a beautiful, happy, enthusiastic colourful town!  In the end, everyone is happy with the new change in the town.  Our quote is: “The world is made of inspired ideas and inspired ideas are made of the world.”

Our two phrases that guided us were “Discovery” and “Making New Thoughts”

by PointyHedgehog11, Jr. fruitcake, cool sketcher, Hamsterlover, reader.


Our Wall Project plot was about “Compassion” and “Working Together”.  It’s about two athletes competing in a triathalon who detest each other.  They think about winning too much instead of the long journey it took to get to the finish.  One athlete strained his leg after tripping.  They finish the race together, after coming to like each other.

We started a procedure with a similar idea to the tortoise and the hare racing, like the fable “The tortoise and the hare”.  It wasn’t very original, so we decided to change. Instead, we changed the tortoise and the hare to the athletes.  Chessecurds came up with a quote “A change of decision is a change of life”.  Our group adapted it to “A change of mind is a change of life”.  The main change was that they stopped being overcompetitive and respected each other for all of the training they’ve done and helping each other towards the end

by Doctor Pineapple, coolschoolscout, cheese curds, the awesomest, gigatool2_is_a_girl


Our wall project is about “Growing” and “Knowledge”.  On our poster we made a tree growing books.  We also made little people reading and writing books in the tree.  Our quote is “Learning is growing branches to new opportunities in life”.  Our main ideas was that people read books and get inspired to write books.  Our quote went around the side of our classroom so that we could have more room for our tree poster.  The process that our group had was that we each had a different job to do, so we could move faster.  Overall, it was a lot of work but it paid off.

by Raine, petrinied4000, THE_MOST_AWESOME_PERSON3710, Scarletcat


Our Wall Project was about “Teamwork” and “Encouragement”.  Our group had trouble agreeing and working together while we were creating the project, but we overcame our troubles with teamwork and encouragement, and that inspired us to make our Wall Project like the struggles we had making it.  We were surprised by the way it turned out because we imagined it differently but we are still really proud of it.  Our favourite part of the process was working together helping each other out and making new relationships with our group members we usually wouldn’t have.  We are really proud of our finished product / project.  We hope to do something like it soon.

by purplegiraffe47, Aldwyn2000, NerdDurtle, Lightningboy123, Subway2go

IMG_1293 IMG_1294

Our Wall Project is about Tiffany and Joey, two Vancouverites that have been touched by a picture of children in Somalia that don’t have proper learning resources.  After they see the photograph, they decide to go to Somalia and help to build a school.  All the children are very excited and are happy that they now have a school and school supplies.  One of the things we tried to put into each scene is Charles the giraffe and the cheetas.  We all think we did a good job on the project and worked well together.  It was very fun.  The moral of the story is that we should think about other people and not just ourselves, and when we get a good idea that benefits others we should put it into action ASAP.  We think the reason we worked so well together is we all did what we knew we did best and we all contributed to what was needed.  The idea came from all of our ideas combined and it turned into something different at the end.  Our quote came from one of our group members that went to We Day and got a book of quotes and we chose one that suited our idea best.  It is: “Every individual doing even the smallest thing can make a positive change in the world.” Holly Branson.

by Ginger, balloon girl123, Monster Meatball, Cheeseman123ABC


  1. doctor pineapple

    These projects look great now that they’re finally finished! Our walls don’t look as empty anymore…

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