In the last few months, our class has gone skating 5 times.  We went with two other classes and with our Buddy Reading class.  I think it was a learning experience for everyone because you were either teaching or being taught how to skate.  We really enjoyed the walk to Trout Lake because we got to socialize with friends we normally wouldn’t socialize with.  We got to skate for one hour.  The line up for skates was really long but it didn’t take that long to get the skates.  The part that took the most time was finding a helmet.  The part that we enjoyed most was that you got to skate with anybody and everybody.  We all had lots of fun skating.


by PointyHedgehog11, CheesemanABC123, balloongirl123


  1. Doctor pineapple

    I had a great time skating these past weeks, it was nice that we got to go skating with older friends as well as little buddies.

  2. Aldwyn 2000

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED going with our cute little BUDDIES! although it was challenging I taught my youngest buddy how to skate at her first trip to the rink.

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