This Moment In History (Integrated Study)

This term for our Integrated Study project, (and maybe part of next term)

We are doing a project on Canadian history called “This Moment In History”/TMIH. We had guest speakers come in who were: Tami’s older sister Dani, who talked to us about Canadian Immigration, and the views from working as an Immigration officer, a great woman named Christina, who talked about early public education and Frontier College, an author/professor at UBC who got us into the topic of Indigenous people living in Stanley Park, Joey Hartman came to engage us in the Great Depression and the On to Ottawa! trek, the courageous elder Josette, who told us the view of being a survivor from the horrible residential schools and Jane MacEwan, who attracted our learning with the history of women’s prevailments for rights, and the greatness of being of a feminist. We also watched Historica Canada videos about special and horrifying moments in history like the building of the Canadian Railroad and the idea of putting holes in the bottoms of basketball hoops. We participated in note-taking sessions with Cheriee, our school librarian, plus we had the pleasure of doing 2 O.W.I activities, one as a class, and another in smaller groups. We haven’t started our projects yet, but everyone is excited to get going. We will write a 2 page written piece, for visuals we will craft a diorama with an additional backdrop. Look forward to our next blog post!

josette 1 josette 2

IMG_1469 IMG_1472 IMG_1521CIMG8686

by coolschoolscout, petrinied4000, and gigatool2_is_a_girl


  1. vid3o g@m3r

    I love this project cause all the dioramas look cool and were really fun to make. When we made them, the best part was using your different materials and seeing what you can make.

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