Math Projects


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Today we are going to talk about our classes Math Projects, except first we are going to talk to you about the criteria.  First you choose something or someone to measure then you measure them in as many ways as possible: length, weight, height, width, time, temperature, money, volume, area and perimeter.  Then you measure and record your information.  After that, you create a poster to show the measurement you measured on your subject.  Then you organize the measurements in a way that isn’t random and makes sense, reflects your chosen subject, and looks great.  Don’t forget a graph!  Cheese curds reflects: “I think it was super fun because we got to choose whatever we wanted to measure.  I learned to follow the criteria. Me and my friend measured things to do with baseball.  I think anybody who does this project will think it’s awesome!” Cool sketcher also reflects: “I also think it was great because you had a lot of choice in this project and you collect information differently and I learned a lot about my dog and I think I got a lot better at math now.  I’ll tell what me and my partner did, we did a project on his guinea pig and my dog and our poster looks great”.  And that concludes Division 16, 17, 18 Measurement Projects.

by cool sketcher and Cheesecurds
For the past month we have been working on Math Projects.  We got the choice to work with a partner or on our own.  Some people chose to do their projects on dance, soccer, cookies, pets, the classroom, themselves… Here is some of the criteria: ensure your choice is original and personal; measure in as many ways as possible, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, time, money, perimeter, area; include both standard and non-standard measurements.

We think that Divisions 16, 17 and 18 really enjoyed this project.

by THE_MOST_AWESOMEST3710, Purple Giraffe 47, The Awesomest.


  1. Doctor pineapple

    I think that we should all be very proud of the projects we’ve worked on an finished these past weeks. We’ve all worked very hard and they it’s neat to finally have something in the stairwells!

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