We know that dogs are cute and funny, and said to be man’s best friend, but Clover is everyone’s best friend…

Clover is our class dog.  She is loyal and kind to all visitors or new guests in our class.  She does lots of quirky things that make us all laugh.  Some of the things she does are:

  • her signature treat dance
  • taking her place on the “chillin’ chair”
  • receiving belly rubs from all

Her treat dance is probably the cutest thing you could see.  She stands and howls and begs with those puppy eyes that make you want to give her treats forever.  She dances around the room (sort of) gracefully, but it’s still cute.

She loves treats almost as much as she loves sitting on the chillin’ chair.  The chillin’ chair is our fabulous teacher’s chair, but… Clover loves it too!  Whenever Jody isn’t sitting in it, Clover sneaks on to the chair secretly in public where everyone can see it.  It may be sneaky in Clover’s mind, but it’s not to us (no offense, Clover).  We guess she’s not meant to be a spy.

The only way to top her from sitting on the chillin’ chair is to rub her belly.  She loves having her belly rubbed.  She shows appreciation by kicking her leg. It’s adorable!  Clover will be loved by Division 16 for all eternity.  We love Clover, and she loves us too.  She’s our BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) 

by PointyHedgehog11 and Tee Hee


  1. coolschoolscout

    I think that Clover is one of the additions to our class that makes our days even happier! Knowing Clover for three years has definitely made school more exciting and enjoyable.

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